Some Feedback from Happy Customers & FaceBook Friends 

From Leonie – Tweed Heads – I have just starting using the night and day creams. I was given the deodorant as a gift and I love it so much I started looking for other “stuff” in the shop. These creams are by far the best I have ever tried and so cost effective as well. I have tried very expensive face creams ($110.00) a jar and even though they are good they are nowhere near as good as these. My skin absolutely loves them. Thanks Anne they are wonderful.

Louise VoLam – I bought the “Essential Oil Wellness Sprays” gift pack for myself recently, hoping to alleviate stress from work, 2.5 hr long commutes daily and “busy-ness of family life”… I was very pleasantly surprised with how effectively “Release” helped calm me down (I sprayed it in my bedroom and on my pillow before bed and fell asleep more easily than usual). For a week, I alternated between using “Zen” and “Release” during the day and loved not having my usual sinus pain/headaches (which had been exacerbated by more expensive cosmetic perfumes).“Focus” was just what I needed whilst I was preparing to attend a F2F job interview?? It has been 3 weeks and what I love about these “Evolve Within” products is, looking forward to choosing something for my needs each day, being able to spray them straight onto my skin and feel ready to take on the day! Thank you Anne!!?? (Deeply appreciatethe set of affirmation cards which came with the pack as well ?? you are a truly inspiring woman). Oh, almost forgot, the muscle balm is sooo good, the smell and warmth is like an aromatic hug in a secure, air-tight (plastic-free) jar and it doesn’t make me smell like dencorub or “Chinese medicinal oil”.??

Alex AN – I have tried deep heat and other brands of muscle balm. But I recently tried Anne’s muscle balm. They are by far better than others. I used them after a few long taekwondo session on my neck muscles( trapisius muscle) on my neck. The straining pain eased away almost immediately.
Then last night I came back from a training session with my students. I felt my back muscle toward my lumbar (lower back) was quite tight and experiencing straining pain. I used her muscle balm rubbing continuously. This morning I woke up. The pain almost go away. The only slight tenderness I have now is mainly inside the bony/cartilage area in my back. All my muscle pain was fixed by this muscle balm.
Anne. You should be selling this to the main stream chemist so more general public would know of your product. They simply just WORK well in soft tissue pain relief. And the packaging. Very cute looking jars. Designed from the heart by someone who truly CARE.

Marianne Slaby – Very lovely blends to use for diffusers! I’m enjoying mine with the ‘relax’ blend recently and the mist carries the scent really nicely. Thanks again!

Caitlin Gunter – Anne, Dons been a remedial massage therapist for 30 years. He uses it with clients and himself ! And for my epicondylitis reduces pain so I can work. Great product Anne

Lynnette Law – love the natural deodorant – Thanks Anne for a great product

Gary Wells – Thanks for the muscle balm – works well after a hard day labouring

Nicole Cin – I sooo love them , wow . so well presented , kept your envelope, so i have your address, read my card after a shuffle, you are brilliant Anne Mouland-Claassens was just starring in ore .. xoxox

Sandra Mulcahy – I was the lucky recipient of Luscious Lip balm for Mothers Day! Lovely texture and scented deliciously!

Carl Claassens – I Recently tried the new Phoenix muscle balm. I absolutely love it. It has a good amount of heat and gets to work straight away. I’ve already bought a second jar.